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What parents are saying…


"Mrs. Celina is a wonderful teacher/tutor. She has fully captivated my child and has him engaged in the OG Phonics lesson with her beautiful spirit and energy! She is a perfect match for my child!"

“She’s amazing and my daughter feels so comfortable with her.”


“I love hearing about and seeing the progress my little one has made!"


“My son loves working with Celina! In the past tutoring was always something he dreaded. Since starting with Celina, he has made huge improvements in his reading. When I ask about his tutoring sessions he says, “It was great!” or “It went well.”


“Wonderful as usual.”


“Thanks for doing a great job with my daughter.”


“Another great session. Good work.”


“Celina is fantastic with my son. He is doing great with her and seems to enjoy the sessions.”


“Celina is always so patient and encouraging with my little one. FANTASTIC teacher and great person.”



What students are saying…

“I can't tell you; it was so fun and awesome. Celina is the BEST Tutor in the world!”

"I love it so much...thank you!"